Ride Rules

Safety of all riders is the highest concern for the organizers of the Door County Century ride. We want all riders to enjoy the DCC experience at each of their own riding abilities and comfort levels.  Please be respectful to each other on the roads and make this ride positive and enjoyable for all. To this end, participants are asked to obey the following rules:

The course routes for the Door County Century are on public roads which remain open to motorists during the event. All riders are expected to follow the rules of the road. This includes recognizing that motorists have the right of way. Riders must stay on the right shoulder of the road and as much as possible and ride at a maximum of two abreast, especially when motorists are present. Crossing the center line of the road is strictly prohibited and you could be cited by law enforcement.

All participants must wear a ANSI approved bike helmet at all times while on the course route. Violation of this rule will result in future ineligibility to participate.

Riders are free to ride at whatever pace they desire but are urged to exercise caution during the downhill descents. Historically, most of the accidents at the Door County Century have been caused by excessive speed on the hills. Ride within your abilities and slow down on the descents.

Because course routes use streets which are open to typical traffic, all traffic rules apply. This includes stopping at intersections with signs or signal lights and obeying police orders when applicable. This is especially important when crossing State Highways 42 & 57 as well as County Highway A.  Also, because Door County is a tourist destination and offers spectacular views, motorists may slow or stop unexpectedly or may be inattentive. Riders need to be aware of these these risks and must ride in a defensive manner.
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